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Digital journal presents Digital journal from prankster to prodigy.That could be ora ito's biography, if europe's most creative designer ever took a break to pen his life's story.And it's a tale worth telling:Ito, high school dropout and perpetual troublemaker, first worked at a magazine where he designed phoney ads for a louis vuitton backpack and a gucci villa all complete fakes, all electrifying the Louis Vuitton Australia public as if he lit firecrackers under their asses. His playful recklessness caught the attention of companies who wanted to see what this kid could do with real products.Adidas hired him to design a perfume bottle, lacie won praise for ito's legobrick external hard drive and heineken launched a global campaign around a sleek aluminum bottle ito created.He also worked with clientele ranging from apple to levi's.His unique products impacted the design world so profoundly he earned a spot speaking at conferences next to the late famed designer philippe starck.If europe had to nominate an"It boy"For design, ora ito would be the leading candidate. After all, ito thinks big.He sees his work as"More of a vision of the world, not just a product here and there. "Maybe that's why this frenchman chose a catchy japanese pseudonym to sum up his global reach(Real See results about Bags name:Ito morabito).Or maybe the prankster inside him never really left. Don't mistake ito for just another product doctor.He's been known to redesign bricksandmortar like a manchild high on peyote toyota's itodesigned flagship store in paris features curved walls of seamless white polymer and a second level that overlooks the ground like a spaceship control deck.It's as if ito colours every project with his personality, a technique Louis Vuitton Others that's winning the designer respect in both the art world and in stuffy boardrooms. Clearly, ito's brain doesn't work like ours.We see a green beer bottle, he envisions an aesthetic masterpiece.His designs catch the eye and tug on the imagination, tearing us out of our comfort zones and renewing our faith in creative corporate design.