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Bloodshed next over Pandora Charms Sale amazon dam Bloodshed deals on Pandora Jewelry next over amazon dam Brasilia, brazil local groups warned of bloodshed after brazil, which struggled off three court rulings, on tuesday awarded the rights to build the world's third largest wave power dam in the amazon rain forest. The bidding for the $11 billion belo monte dam was halted three times before a final appeal by the costa rica government allowed the winning bidder, a private public range, to be published. About 500 protesters gathered outside the dwelling where the bidding took place to condemn the project, saying it will cause serious social and ecological damages along the xingu river, which feeds to the amazon river. Luis xipaya, a local native leader communicating from altamira near the proposed dam site, said 150 xikrin kayapo indians were already en route to build a protest village on the development site. "There will be bloodshed and the government will produce that, xipaya proclaimed. The government dismisses claims that the project will have a negative impact on air or the local community. "Belo monte is the most studied wave plant in the world, mines and electricity minister marcio zimmermann said. Opponents organized protests across brazil on tuesday to sentence the project.Rain forest watch, a s.Fransisco based group that works to protect the rain forest and the indigenous people living there, said thousands (free next day in-store delivery.) of people are stepping into coordinated protests in nine cities, involves altamira, that would be partially flooded by the belo monte reservoir. Cameron said the recommended dam"Unquestionably, fundamental, crucial battleground"Because it will set the stage to add mass to 60 more dams. Environmentalists also argue that the actual generated by the dam will largely go to big mining operations, associated with benefiting most brazilians. Scam lobbied in 1989 The moment was harking back to 1989, when rock star sting protested the same dam alongside indians in an event that helped persuade cosmopolitan lenders not to finance it at a time when brazil was shuddering under a heavy foreign debt. But economically booming brazil does not need money from abroad to build the 11, 000 megawatt belo monte dam which will be smaller only than china's three gorges dam and the itaipu dam straddling brazil and paraguay. The country has a fragile energy grid that was hit last year by a blackout that darkened much of the united states.Belo monte would supply 6 percent of the nation's electricity needs by 2014, the same year brazil will host soccer's world cup and just two years before rio de janeiro supports the 2016 olympics. Luiz carlos tremonte, head of a logging industry group in the state from the spot while the dam is planned, asserted that the dam makes environmental sense as a source of alternative energy. He accused unnamed foreign interests of needing to block brazil's development. "The issue of wave plants is not environmental, actually is geopolitical, he was Pandora Dangles Charms quoted saying. "There are plenty of interests at stake, interests of foreign countries and teams that are fighting against brazil's development,