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At my upcoming wedding i plan to give all the women one rose as a wedding favor and my mother and mother in law a dozen each A pink rose would symbolize anything from thank you(Dark pink)To happiness(Would tie in very well with the occasion)To condolonses after the passing of (more dresses here) their loved one(Palest pink). However i think that people would not be offended, or perhaps even notice if you gave a rose with the wrong meaning.It is a very nice gesture and would be appreciated.I think that unless you are very concerned that you give the right message, you go with the Cocktail Dresses UK pink in your wedding dress if that is what you would like =)It would tie in very nicely. I am the mother of the bride and i am having a difficult time finding a dress for a october 18th wedding in north carolina.Garden wedding.I found a light sage colored dress.Will this work for a fall color I have a rose color dress to wear to a wedding, what color of shoe can i wear? I am a 64 year old women.Attending my son noon wedding in may all in one at caters.I am wearing a short silver dress and flowing jacket coat, with alittle beading.What color shoes should i wear I am the mother of the groom.Wedding in july.I bought a solid purple dressy dress, black shoes and black accessories.Put in all together and it is too dark for summer.What color of shoes and Ball Gown Wedding Dresses accessories can i add, to lighten it up for summer? My wedding is on halloween.How do i deal with a future motherinlaw that is determined to turn it into a"Socially acceptable"July type traditional wedding?Aside from the date and decorations the ceremony will be very traditional.