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Unique shopping (click here) in the homepage here paris Shopping in pAris is A dreAm come true for most gAls, but the million-DollAr question is where to go?PAris, After All is A big city, And wAsting your time on the chAmps des elysees would be A shAme.At girls' guide to pAris, we feel its importAnt not to visit the sAme shops thAt you cAn find bAck home, but rAther to hunt down those stores thAt cAn only be found in pAris.One-Of-A-Kind shops that have been opened by a young designer or connoisseur of fashion.Our girlfriend and fellow shopaholic camille de mondesir has had a ball sourcing these specialty boutiques for you.01 42 74 59 89.01 42 78 jordans shoes 2013 94 88.01 45 44 35 67.The owner handpicks edgy and asymmetrical clothes from a wide range of Air Jordan 11 european designers to fill this small boutique.Garments are reasonably priced so you can walk away with something unique and memorable. Les belles images 74, rue charlot, in the 3rd.01 42 76 93 61.Retro-Inspired collection of clothes from well-Known designers as well as neighborhood designers.01 43 55 12 94.01 42 71 25 07.01 42 78 06 67.Fun, versatile and multicolored leather bags and satchels.01 42 84 20 07.Charming selection of feminine accessories, bags and jewelry by various small designers.