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Bangladesh rescuers dig deeper as death toll passes 300 With time running out to save workers still trapped in a collapsed garment factory building in bangladesh, rescuers dug through mangled metal and concrete friday, finding more corpses that pushed the death toll past 300. Wailing, angry relatives fought with police who held them back from the wrecked, eightstorey rana plaza building in the capital, dhaka, as rescue operations went on more than two days after the structure crumbled. Amid the cries for help and the smell of decaying bodies, the rescue of 18yearold mussamat anna came at a high cost:Emergency crews cut off the garment worker's mangled right hand to pull her free from the debris thursday night. How can you tell if your shirt was made in a sweatshop? "First a machine fell over my hand, and i was crushed under the debris.Then the roof collapsed over me,"She told an associated press cameraman from a hospital bed friday. The search will continue into saturday, officials said, with crews cautiously using hammers, shovels and their bare hands.Many of the trapped workers were so badly hurt and weakened that they needed to be removed within a few hours, the rescuers said. There were fears that survivors could be badly dehydrated in stifling humidity and temperatures reaching 35 cin the daytime and about 24 covernight. 2, 200 found alive so farHundreds of rescuers crawled through the rubble amid the cries of the trapped and the wails of workers' relatives gathered outside the building, which housed numerous garment factories and a handful of other companies. 'They will die if we don't find them soon.'Shahinur Rahman, son of missing workerBrig.Gen.Mohammed siddiqul alam shikder, who is overseeing rescue operations, said 2, 200 people have been pulled out alive.A garment manufacturers' group said the factories in the building employed 3, 122 workers, but it was not clear how many were inside it when it collapsed wednesday in savar, a dhaka suburb. Military spokesman shahin islam told reporters that 304 bodies had been recovered so far. An associated presscameraman who accompanied a rescue crew thursday heard the anguished cries for help from two men one halfburied under a slab beside two corpses, the other entombed deep inside the rubble.Neither could be pulled out, and both are presumed dead, rescuers said. Search will continue until at least saturdaymaj.Gen.Chowdhury hasan suhrawardy told reporters that searchandrescue operations would continue until at least saturday, because"We know a human being can survive for up to 72 hours in this situation. " Forty people had been trapped on the fourth floor of the building until rescuers reached them thursday evening.Twelve were soon freed, and crews worked to get the rest out safely, shikder said.Crowds burst into applause as survivors were brought out. Cbc's carol off talks to garment factory worker fatema khatunpolice cordoned off the site, pushing back thousands of bystanders and relatives after rescue workers complained the crowds were hampering their work. Clashes broke out between the relatives and police, who used batons to disperse them.Police said 50 people were injured in the skirmishes. "We want Cheap Evening Dresses to go inside the building and find our people now.They will die if we don't find them soon,"Said shahinur rahman, whose mother was missing. Thousands of workers from the hundreds of garment factories across the savar industrial zone the homepage here and other nearby areas marched elsewhere to protest the poor safety standards in bangladesh.Local news reports said demonstrators smashed dozens of cars friday, although most of the protests were largely peaceful. Police say cracks in the rana plaza had led them to order an evacuation tuesday, but the factories ignored the order and were operating when the building collapsed the next day.Video before the collapse shows cracks in walls, with apparent attempts at repair.It also shows columns missing chunks of concrete and police talking to building operators. Construction concernsofficials said soon after the collapse that numerous construction regulations had been violated. The disaster is the worst ever for bangladesh's booming and powerful garment industry. (Andrew biraj/reuters) Abdul halim, an official with savar's engineering department, said the owner of rana plaza was deals on Dresses for Weddings allowed to erect a fivestorey building but had added another three stories illegally. Habibur rahman, police superintendent of dhaka district, said rana was a local leader of ruling awami league's youth front.Rahman said police were also looking for the owners of the garment factories. Two of rana's relatives were detained for questioning, police officer mohammad kawser said. The disaster is the worst ever for the country's booming and powerful garment industry, surpassing a fire five months ago that killed 112 people and brought widespread pledges to improve workersafety standards.Since then, very little has changed in bangladesh, where low wages have made it a magnet for numerous global brands. 3rd largest garment industry in the worldBangladesh's garment industry was the thirdlargest in the world in 2011, after China and Italy, having grown rapidly in the past decade.The country's minimum wage is now the equivalent of about usa month. Readers debate boycott after bangladesh factory collapseamong the garment makers in the building were phantom apparels, phantom tac, ether tex, new wave style and the website new wave bottoms.Altogether, they produced several million shirts, pants and other garments a year. Canada's joe fresh had some products made in the building. The canadian company expressed its condolences to the peopleaffectedby the collapseand said they and other apparel retailers are working to support"Localefforts and provide aid and resources"In savar.